11 months ago

What is ABA Therapy?

The first therapy that I even considered trying with Michael was ABA therapy. This decodes as Applied Behavioural Analysis and it involves analyzing a child’s behaviour (funnily enough) and then teaching them all the skills Keep Reading

11 months ago

Dr Google

The all knowing healing power of Dr Google has been the greatest discovery I made when I became a mum. It helped me to diagnose Michael’s dairy allergy while I was breast-feeding, and distinguish a cold from Keep Reading

11 months ago

First Suspicions

It happened when I was on my way to Gymbaroo. I took my fifteen-month-old son there every week, as well as playgroup twice a week and to play with his cousins once a week. For Keep Reading

12 months ago

About Me

There are two types of people in this world. There are kind and charitable people, who dedicate their lives to working in a field like special education, and who bear the weight of the world Keep Reading