Michael’s 3rd Birthday Poem

Michael turns three tomorrow, on Tuesday 7th February. Three years ago I was getting induced into labour, a sixteen hour marathon that ended with an emergency caesarean because he refused to come out!

He’s been very active since then, and growing way too quickly. I’ve told him to stop but he has so far totally ignored me.

I’ve been getting pretty emotional today…my little two year old will be a three year old tomorrow…so I wrote him a poem

My Little Boy’s Feet

My little boys feet are dirty.
He likes to run wild and free!
It may be because he’s so cheeky,
More likely because he’s now three…

I’m happy to see him growing.
I’m happy to see his smiles.
One day he’ll go off exploring
The world and all of its miles

He’s not the same as the others,
He’s much too special for that.
And I must say as his mother
I’ve gotten quite good at combat!

I don’t know how far he will roam
I’m not sure who his friends will be.
But I know he’ll always have home
And a large, loving family.

But for now he’s happy to jump
About with me on the bed.
And to walk on the old tree stump
While the world passes by overhead.

His daddy and I love him so much!
His feet, and his hands, and his grin.
We never knew love could be such!
We know we are lucky to have him.


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